Event Cleanup

Go big. We’ll clean it up.

MopHeads Event Cleanup

When it comes to events, “the more the merrier” inevitably means “the more the messier.” But not to worry. On your big day Mopheads will make sure every nook and cranny is sparkling clean from start to finish. We can handle everything from sprawling Phoenix-area arenas and conference centers to intimate outdoor settings. Cheers!

Ask Yourself

  1. Have I ever hired an event clean up crew and found they were more interested in talking on the phone and socializing than cleaning?
  2. Has my event clean up crew ever showed up shorthanded or not at all?
  3. How would I feel if I wasn’t getting the value promised by my event cleaners?

The Dirt

  • 52% of the people we spoke with said they would NOT hire their previous event cleaning company again
  • In a sampling of 100 companies, 35% reported the cleaning crew never showed up 47% of the people we spoke to stated there was no cleaning plan and the people came unprepared, disorganized, and caused disruptions at their event