Floor Care

No need to tread lightly. We’re floor cleaning experts.

How do you keep your floors looking like new forever? Don’t let people walk on them.

Short of that, hire Mopheads, your Phoenix-area floor cleaning company. Our array of floor cleaning services are designed to keep what’s underfoot looking great for years to come.

Hard Surface Floors

Sure, they’re “hard.” But they’re not indestructible. To keep your hard surface floors looking like new we recommend a scheduled maintenance program that includes the following floor cleaning company services:

Carpet Extraction

Mopheads mobile carpet extraction

No way around it, your carpet is going to show wear and tear over time. But you can greatly extend the life of it with periodic cleaning.


Vacuuming can only remove so much dirt. And it doesn’t even touch stains. For those tougher jobs we recommend carpet extraction. Hot water and cleaning solution are sprayed onto the carpet, the whole thing gets a good scrub and then the solution is vacuumed out.

The Dirt

  • In the first 30 seconds a new customer forms a critical impression of your business. Impressions begin to form even before a customer steps through the door, as they judge the outside appearance of your building against the quality of product or service inside.

The top 6 floor cleaning company failures

Hard surface care:
  1. Wrong floor finish was used on the hard surface floor
  2. Waxing over dirt trapping the particulates in (having to pay to have the process repeated)
  3. Not adding enough floor finish and lessening the longevity of the floors
Carpet Care:
  1. Not pre-treating the spots/stains
  2. Not utilizing air-movers at the end of the project
  3. Placing furniture back to soon and leaving marks