Government and Military Bases

Mopheads will keep everything ship shape.

Mopheads Government and Military Base Services

Government and Military facilities are all about order and structure. And nothing epitomizes this more than unfailingly clean, tidy spaces. Phoenix-based Mopheads has extensive experience cleaning all kinds of government facilities including municipal, state and federal agencies, courts, legislatures, jails, prisons and administrative offices.

Mopheads Kitchen Services Government and Military Bases

Government Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

Whether you’re feeding the troops headed to the front lines or the troops behind the scenes, the food coming out of your kitchens is critical to their health and well-being. Daily, weekly and monthly scrub-downs of your kitchens will help eliminate food-borne illnesses. Your kitchen staff can handle occasional spot cleaning, but let Mopheads get the place deep down clean on an ongoing basis.

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Ask Yourself

  1. What would our staff/personnel say about the cleanliness of this facility?
  2. How many daily complaints do I receive about the quality of our restrooms?
  3. Would our facility pass the “White Glove Test” if it were performed right now?

The Dirt

  • Kitchen sinks contain more germs than the average toilet
  • Restrooms only account for about 5% of the cleanable area of a building but they generate more than 50% of cleaning complaints
  • Most cleaning products need to spend up to 60 seconds on a surface to effectively disinfect it