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When patrons come into your store you want them thinking about one thing: shopping. And nothing will distract them more quickly than the overall cleanliness of the place. That makes your building cleaning services a crucial key to your success.

Gleaming floors, spotless restrooms and tidy fitting rooms are absolutely essential to the success of your business. From single stores to entire malls, Mopheads building cleaning services will make sure all of your spaces are spic and span—and will do so with 100% green certified materials and cleaners.
Are you a high-end retailer in Phoenix? If so, you likely have specialized requirements. Our experts will work with you to create a customized cleaning plan that will keep every inch of your store as clean as the day it opened. And if you have locations nationwide we can easily handle them all, at a very reasonable price.

Ask Yourself

  1. If my Regional Manager walked into my store right now what would he/she say?
  2. How can I differentiate my store from my competition with regards to cleanliness?
  3. If I placed a piece of paper in the corner of the store how long would it take the janitorial company to find and dispose of it?

The Dirt

  • The appearance of your building accounts for 45% of the reason a consumer would shop there
  • Cleanliness comes second only to customer service in reasons for patronizing a store 
  • 99% of U.S. adults say poor cleanliness negatively affects their perception of a store