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Big jobs require big planning

Mopheads Warehouse Services

Warehouses and industrial buildings are different animals—and very large ones at that. Because of their size and complexity, Mopheads Commercial Cleaning company follows specific steps before, during and after the cleaning of these facilities.

Site Assessment

What’s the best way to clean your building? Let’s find out. The experts from Phoenix-based Mopheads Commercial Cleaning company will come to your site and categorize zones or work areas according to their specific cleaning requirements and restrictions (if any). The assessment also helps us determine the best, most cost-effective cleaning methods and procedures (chemicals, water temperatures & equipment and safety procedures).

All elements are taken into account:

  • Age and condition of the warehouse
  • Customer expectations
  • On-time delivery
  • Eco friendly cleaning methods

Cleaning By Zones

Zone 1 – The Ceiling

Cleaning happens from the top down so we start your warehouse or industrial building cleaning project at the top—Zone 1—which includes:

  • Ceiling and supporting structures
  • Rafters
  • Outside and/or inside ductwork
  • Lighting
  • Conduit
  • Piping
  • Beams

Mopheads uses a combination of scissor and articulated lifts, along with scaffolding and ladders to clean these areas. We use 100% Green Certified equipment such as critical area backpack vacuums, commercial high-powered HEPA-filtered vacuums, lower pressure heated pressure washing and of course good old fashioned hand wiping.

Zone 2 – Walls

People always think about dirt on the horizontal surfaces. But don’t overlook the vertical ones because they are plenty dirty, too!

Mopheads uses a combination of scissor and articulating lifts, along with scaffolding, ladders and extension poles to scrub all interior wall surfaces, conduit, fixtures, motors, doors and electrical panels.

If necessary we will pull out the big guns: heavy-duty citrus degreasers, scrub and rinse brushes with flow-thru water capability and vacuum or waste water recovery booms. Whatever it takes to make the place shine.

Zone 3 – Concrete Floor

Our method of cleaning concrete floors generally includes wet scrubbing then removing the waste water. If necessary, we will also spray them down with a heavy-duty citrus degreaser then power rinse with a rotary high-pressure floor cleaner. This process removes dirt from shallow holes and prepares the floor for sealing.

After all other cleaning has been completed the floors are power scrubbed (yep, again) for maximum cleanliness.

Zone 4 – Existing Equipment

At this point the majority of your space is clean so we turn our attention any and all existing equipment. This may include things like racks, conveyor belts, assembly lines and other items on the floor.

To get everything good and clean we start with contact vacuuming (using brushes) followed by regular vacuuming using commercial high-powered HEPA-filtered vacuums and finally hand wiping with a heavy duty citrus degreaser.


Do we clean up after the cleanup? You bet we do.

Mopheads Commercial Cleaning company will remove all debris and leave your warehouse or industrial building in Phoenix in broom-clean condition.


One-time Deep Cleaning

Don’t need a monthly or weekly service? Mopheads offers a one-time deep clean that includes high dusting (lights, walls, duct work, piping, and venting systems) and auto-scrubbing of the floors.

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Ask Yourself

  1. When your crew arrives do they come with a cleaning plan that is both orderly and systematic?
  2. Do you have confidence in the ability of the crew to safely operate a borrowed scissor/boom lift?
  3. How often have you signed with a cleaning company that promised the world and failed to deliver the results you expected?

The Dirt

  • 67% of industrial cleaning companies have to return to the project to correct cleaning deficiencies 
  • 41% of industrial companies would NOT hire their previous cleaning firm again