Green Cleaning

Mopheads Green Cleaning Services – Go Green for Your Health

“Being socially conscious and green friendly is a desirable business trait these days.”
—John Shaff, PA-C, OrthoArizona Hand Surgery Specialists

Mopheads Green Cleaning Services

What We Do vs. What They Do

US – Microfiber Floor Systems

Microfiber removes more dirt than string mops and is color coded to prevent contamination between rooms. Plus, they’re laundered every night.

THEM – Dirty String Mops

They’re used to clean everything from the bathroom to the lunchroom and are rarely, if ever, laundered. Ick.

US – Color coded microfiber

Mopheads uses color coded cleaning products to eliminate any risk of cross infection.

THEM – Multi-use terry cloths/rags

Using the same cloths/rags for multiple purposes risks cross contaminating work surfaces and spreading germs.

US – High Filtration Vacuums

Our high-filtration vacuums are certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute. They have no less than three filters so dirt doesn’t escape.

THEM – Regular Vacuums

We call them “dust blowers” because cheap vacuums emit excessive amounts of dirt into the air.

US – Microfiber Dusters

Microfiber dusters actually grab and hold dirt, completely removing it from surfaces. Sleeves are easily removed and laundered nightly.

THEM – Traditional Dusters

Feather dusters and lambs wool dusters simply push the dust around but don’t pick it up. And they are rarely laundered.

US – Certified Green Chemicals

You can hardly call them “chemicals.” Green cleaning products are safe for people and the environment. They clean efficiently, sanitize effectively and are certified by independent third party agencies such as Green Seal and EcoLogo.

THEM – Harmful Chemicals

Non-green chemicals are often strongly alkaline or acidic which is harmful to the environment and potentially toxic.

Lastly, permit Mopheads to integrate recycling programs and utilize post-consumer recycled paper/sanitary products in all your dispensers for a green approach.