Janitorial Cleaning Service’s 3 Key Questions

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    When businesses hire a janitorial cleaning service in Phoenix, they often don’t know what to ask. With so much information on the Internet, it is easy for you to do your homework and sound like a qualified janitorial lead when you do finally make the call.

    Office cleaning is not a one-size-fits-all service and it should not be approached that way. Every business has different needs and you should know what to ask to accomplish a professional clean for you and all of your employees.

    Here’s a hypothetical scenario – a small office environment might only need trash removal, restroom service, and light cleaning a few times a week. On the flip side, a medical clinic might require extra care for hard floors and restroom service.

    When making calls to find a new janitorial cleaning service, do your homework and make sure to ask three key questions.

    1. Do you clean germ hot spots?
      Germ hot spots are places where germs are more likely to lurk than others. Your refrigerator handle, touched many times a day by many people in the office, can get quite nasty. Any good cleaning company will focus on these areas each time they clean.
    2. What cleaning products do you use?
      The type of chemicals and cleaning tools they use can greatly impact the quality of clean. String mops and cloth rags are old school, since they can be serious germ and dirt spreaders. Dollar-store cleansers, nice-smelling sprays and floor cleaners do nothing to kill germs and properly disinfect your work environment. Your cleaning company should be using microfiber cloths to pick up and trap dust, HEPA vacuums to stop the spread of allergens and green cleaning products to help protect the environment.
    3. What are your options for floor care?
      Foot traffic, wear and tear, weather conditions, use of walk-off mats, food spills, and other factors can impact the life and look of your carpets and hard floors. Check the warranty on your carpet to understand the manufacturer’s requirements for care, beyond good vacuuming. Hard floors should be protected with the correct type of finish, and cared for periodically throughout the year with burnishing, stripping and refinishing.

    What if I have a question?
    Communication is critical in any business relationship. Although cleaning is typically done at night when no one is around to talk with your cleaning company, you need a way to get a quick response when needed. Make sure you can reach someone through several ways (phone, text, email, onsite log book) if you have a question about your service or want to add a new service to your cleaning program.